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Book Review – Stalling For Time

Author: Ingrid Thoft
Published: February 12, 2017

Book Review – Stalling For Time

Author: Joshua Sinai
Perspectives on Terrorism, Vol. 8, No. 6
Published: December, 2014

Book Review – Stalling For Time

Author: Sid Heal
Tactical Edge Magazine
Published: January, 2014

Book Review – Stalling for Time

By: John Baker
The Negotiator Magazine
Published: May 2011

“Top 5 books you do not want to miss at the library this week”

Senior Reference Librarian, Rosemary Jerome
Half Hollow Hills Community Library
Published: February 1st 2011

Book Review – Stalling for Time

By: Weston Cutter
Published: March 2011

All Life is Negotiation

By: The Book Junkie
Books with Dessert
Published: Friday February 11th, 2011

Book Review in the Maine Chiefs of Police Association News Brief – “Command Post” – Link no longer accessible

Author: Mark Holbrook, PH.D.
Published: Winter 2011

Book Review from – Link no longer accessible

Review by: John M Wills
Published: January, 2011

Book Review from “The Sacramento Bee” – Link no longer accessible

Review by: Allen Pierleoni
Published:  Monday, October 4th 2010

Book Review from the “Financial Times”

Review by: Jonathon Gibbs
Published: September 27th 2010

“Gary Noesner has written an account of his decades-long career as a hostage negotiator that is so gripping it grabs the reader by the throat. It’s a spectacular read and every word of it is true.”

Peter Bergen author of Holy War, Inc. and The Osama bin Laden I Know

“Gary Noesner is a gripping storyteller, and man, does the guy have stories. It’s like watching an emotional bomb squad defuse explosive personalities. The big surprise is how recently the FBI learned the basic tenets of what makes a man put the gun down, a discovery story as captivating as the hostage standoffs that illuminate it.”

Dave Cullen, Author of Columbine

“Gary Noesner has done something remarkable with this book, turning the murky process of hostage negotiations into a set of predictable and clear routes to bargaining success.”

Robert B. Cialdini, bestselling author of Influence: Science and Practice

“An intense, immersive narrative, making [Noesner’s] real-life experiences read like episodes of a good cop drama. By the end of the book, readers will be impressed by the number of crucial moments in which Noesner has played a significant role—from the Achille Lauro hijacking in 1985 to the Freeman militia standoff in Montana in 1996. Vicariously entertaining.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Tortured people, desperate moments, dangerous solutions. Taking us deep into this lethal world of hostages, sieges and terrorism is the riveting  Stalling For Time: My Life As an FBI Hostage Negotiator. Gary Noesner, a 30-year-veteran of the Bureau, has written a landmark work that’s both a nail-biting thriller and an expose of timely importance. Noesner writes with authority and grace – and doesn’t pull his punches in condemning cowboy-style police tactics (as in the bloody Ruby Ridge and Waco shootouts) that too often override cool crisis negotiation with tragic results. A must-read not only for true crime fans but for every cop and G-Man in the country.”

John Huddy, bestselling author of Storming Las Vegas

“Stalling for Time reads with the page-turning intensity of a first-rate thriller, only everything here is, remarkably, true. In finally opening up about his craft — about his 30 years spent reasoning with unreasonable people in situations that were literally life and death — Gary Noesner has written an essential book about the fine art of communication. For anyone who wants to know how to stay cool under fire, this book is indispensable.”

Douglas Stone, best-selling author of Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss What Matters Most