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As a leading expert in the field, Gary Noesner has appeared before hundreds of law enforcement and corporate groups lecturing on Crisis (Hostage) Negotiation, Crisis Management, Kidnapping, Terrorism, Workplace Violence, Interpersonal Communications, and How to Influence Workplace Behavior. He has conducted training seminars and given presentations in all 50 states and over 40 countries around the world, and is regarded as a dynamic and informative speaker. He is available to give presentations or to provide training seminars to corporate and law enforcement audiences. Fees are negotiable.

Inquiries should be directed to: contact@garynoesner.com


The speaking services of Gary Noesner can also be arranged through espeakers.   espeakers.com

Gary can now also be engaged to speak through A-Speakers through the following link:

Gary Noesner is available to law enforcement, educational institutions, and others for video conferencing/Skype presentations. Fees are negotiable.

Speaking Endorsements

“We had the privilege of having Gary speak at our firm’s 2019 conference. His presentation was by turn suspenseful, humorous and moving. Our attendees were hanging on to his every word to find out how he navigated his way out of impossible situations, and everyone walked away with important negotiation and communication tools that they can implement in their professional lives. Gary is a fantastic speaker who will surely leave a lasting impact on your audience!”

Lauren Rinkey
Vice President, Alliance Consumer Growth. 

“Gary absolutely blew away a room filled with nearly 1000 of the best hospitality professionals from around the world at our 4th annual Welcome Conference at Lincoln Center. He not only knows his stuff but makes it readily accessible to everyone. Gary is also incredibly funny, dynamic and engaging. He was a highlight of the day.”

Anthony Rudolf
Welcome Conference
June 2017

“What a delight to get such fantastic information delivered in such a clear and professional manner. All who attended left with a clear course of action on what can be done to improve their negotiating and communication skills. I’m still receiving feedback from my clients thanking me for bringing Gary to speak at the Elite Sport Summit in Cape Town and at the Exectuive Breakfast in Johannesburg, South Africa.”

Justin Woolford
Chief Exectuive Officer
October 2016

“Gary spoke at our inaugural Global Summit for independent marketing and communications agencies, about the psychology of negotiation. The audience was captivated by his insights and experiences and he was voted the best speaker of the two day conference. He was a pleasure to work with and very happy to spend time talking with delegates before and after his presentation.”

Julian Boulding
President of thenetworkone
London, England
July 25, 2016

“Gary delivered a very engaging and entertaining presentation to our international business conference of 600 people. His experience is extremely unique, and allows him to deliver content that we could not find elsewhere. He was very personable and willingly connected with our conference goers before, during and after the presentation.”

Director of Membership Development
August 2014

“Gary presented a keynote at our 2014 Americas Congress in Miami, our US flagship event that gathered top-level executives in supply chain management and procurement from Fortune 1000 companies. I heard my share of inspirational speakers and I’m always skeptical, even a little scared, when booking them – they can go either way. However, Gary nailed it. He brought our audience to life with his humor and electrified them with his truly fascinating stories. Gary added tremendous value to the overall experience of our guests and I highly recommend him.”

Matthias Gutzmann, Vice President, Procurement Leaders
April, 2014

“It was a pleasure having Gary speak at our Art of Negotiation event! He is an unbelievably exciting storyteller, who kept the audience riveted throughout his entire presentation. The lessons that he reveals through his experiences will translate well into any field of work. I hope the opportunity arises to call him for round 2!” (June 27th, 2013)

Thanks so much Gary!!

Kim Herzog
Scratch | Viacom Media Networks
1515 Broadway | NYC 10036

“I happened to hear the NPR interview of Gary Noesner shortly before I had a speaker cancel for our annual conference, ADVANCES IN THE MANAGEMENT OF EPILEPSY, for doctors and nurses across the country. I was so impressed with the interview that I called him up and asked if he would speak at our conference. He graciously agreed. What Gary has to teach we all need to hear. Medical personnel, (and everyone else) are always dealing with confrontation and crises and who better to address this than the lead person in charge of hostage negotiations for the past 30 years or so. His presentation was everything I thought it would be. He is an excellent presenter and immediately captured the audience’s attention. He was funny, thought provoking and top rated by the audience. It was a pleasure having him with us. He has my highest recommendations for any audience.”

Patricia A. Gibson, MSSW ACSW
Associate Professor, Wake Forest University School of Medicine

“The Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center engaged Gary Noesner to be the keynote speaker at its annual fundraiser breakfast in April 2011. Gary was a pleasure to work with in the planning phase, flexible in making arrangements, responsive and reliable.
In his speech he relayed a variety of stories from his years as an FBI hostage negotiator sharing his experiences and insights. He was an engaging, entertaining and interesting speaker. Our audience was captivated both by the details of the stories, which were riveting, and by Gary’s overall message about the important skills of negotiation. He did an excellent job of tailoring his remarks to the interests of the audience.
In addition to his keynote address, Gary also joined our group for two more intimate discussions. Again, he was gracious, generous with his time, and very engaging.
Gary is skilled at story-telling and connecting with a group, and he is an expert in his subject. It was a great pleasure and honor to have Gary as a speaker. I highly recommend him.”

Jennifer Bullock, Executive Director
Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center
1660 So. Amphlett Blvd., Ste. 219
San Mateo, CA 94402

“Gary Noesner spoke at the Entrepreneur’s Organization in Raleigh Durham in April 2016 and offered our Chapter a change from the usual learning event. Gary’s fascinating career in the FBI provided unique negotiation experience which he told through engaging and funny stories. He’s relatable and down to earth and his presentation offered new ways to think about negotiations in business and as a leader.”

Angie Bagley
Entrepreneur’s Organization